Hey Luis, Don’t bite me!


The World Cup is coming to a close. People who aren’t that into football (and Brazilians everywhere will be breathing a sigh of relief. By Sunday we’ll know whether Argentina or Germany has what it takes to carry home that big, oddly shaped trophy. And then we will get to forget about the whole thing for another four years.

There have been some good moments in this year’s World Cup. There have certainly been a few surprises. Rooney finally scored a World Cup goal, after three Cups of running around a pitch without ever getting the ball in; hosts Brazil managed to let 7 goals into their net (5 of them in the first half. The FIRST half); Costa Rica finished top of Group D, knocking England out (thanks, Costa Rica). Oh. And, do you remember that footballer who bit that other footballer

bite gif

Lima-based animator, Dave Anderson and singer-songwriter Tom Rosenthal certainly do. That excited-toothed footballer was the inspiration for a video that got 200,000 views in its first week. And, despite Peru not making it to Brazil, the song’s been more popular over here than anywhere else in the world.

Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez (who played for Liverpool F.C. when not representing his country) has got a history of controversy. In fact, Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini is actually the third footballer to feel the wrath of Luis’ gnashers. Last year he bit Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic– and back in 2010 it was Dutch Eredivisie midfielder Otman Bakkal. It appears to be becoming something of a habit.