Students sign and deliver petitions to COP 20 officials


From Lima and abroad, students participated in historical exchanges with United Nations high officials in COP 20 in Lima.

The two weeks of the conference saw unique involvement of youth with petition giving, protests, demonstrations, and informative presentations.

Two separate events in particular, entailed the presentations of two petitions to United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Executive Secretary Karen Christiana Figueres Olsen.

Last Tuesday Dec. 2 students from Colegio Roosevelt presented a petition to protect the Amazon and a social media message entitled, CLIMATE CHANGE IS OUR BIGGEST THREAT TO OUR FUTURE’ both to Figueres in her private office of the COP 20 venue in San Borja, Lima, Peru.

The petition written and promoted by the Amazon Aid Foundation under Executive Director Sarah duPont and Program Manager of the foundation, Heather Mytelka. Educator and producer of Amazon Gold’ duPont and the organization organized the action with just three weeks time and collected approximately 7,000 signatures.

The petition was presented to Figueres by senior of Colegio Roosevelt, Jamile de Medeiros e Silva. In attendance were duPont, multiple alumni of Colegio Roosevelt, Climate Reality Leader and No Planeta B director Yoca Arditi-Rocha, Allana Rumble Environmental Systems and Societies teacher at Colegio Roosevelt, and students Regina Rovira, Camila Harasic, and Isabel Namoi Quispe.

The petition calls for policy makers to realize the demand of the people for the conservation of the Amazon Rainforest. It aims to motivate them and make them see the involvement from people around the world and the importance it holds to us all,’ said Medeiros e Silva.

Also in attendance were students and their teacher from the School of Environmental Studies in Minnesota, United States. Teacher Craig Johnson brought three students, Henry Cannon, Amy Bendtson, and Hannah Hoff to participate as official observers to the conference.

“It was great to go in as a united force,” said Rumble regarding the company of the Minnesota school.

The social media campain message was organized by No Planeta B and executive director Arditi-Rocha. No Planeta B organized the meeting with Figueres and is a pioneer in offering educational training and services to improve mitigation of climate change and sustainability development.

La Gorda
_(Photo: Corey Watts/Peru this Week)_

The second petition was given Wednesday morning Dec. 10 in a side event room of the COP 20 venue. Coordinated by the Youth Liaison Office of the UNFCCC and in collaboratin with the Ministry of Environment of Peru, students presented a petition for clean energy to UN Secretary Ban ki-moon.

Students from various public schools from all over Lima and Colegio Roosevelt presented the petition. Fourth grade student Oliver Knudson, of Colegio Roosevelt, was given the honor to pass it to the Secretary. Colegio Roosevelt senior official observers included Sarah Schoonmaker, Lorena Delgado, and Geunhyungo Ryu.
Students from Colegio Roosevelt and various public schools in Lima shared historical moments at COP 20 in Lima



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