Study Reveals Peru’s Cleanest Beaches


(LIP-ir) — As Peru’s new Minister of Health, Hernán Garrido Lecca launched the "2008 Healthy Summer" campaign, he informed the country’s people that 197 of Peru’s beaches were fit for vacationers and swimmers.

After beaches were inspected along Peru’s coast, it was determined that 197 of them were fit for swimming.

The country’s health minister made the announcement when he launched the Healthy Summer campaign at Agua Dulce beach in Chorrillos.

Garrido Lecca also announced that as a part of the campaign, tents – which swimmers can go to for treatment of conjunctivitis, diarrhea and heat stroke – are to be set up at 16 beaches.

"During the first week of January, 219 beaches were inspected along the entire coast. 90 percent of them have been found fit for swimming and recreational purposes. Only 10 percent are not fit," announced Peru’s Minister of Health.

He also recommended that visitors be careful because it was very common for people to get conjunctivitis, diarrhea and heat stroke during the summer. "This can be avoided by monitoring beaches and keeping them clean so they will be fit for swimmers," said Garrido Lecca.

Peru’s Health Ministry is to set up tents at the following beaches: Cantolao, Ventanilla, La Punta (Callao); Redondo, Ancón (Lima); Venecia, Agua Dulce, Arica, San Pedro, Naplo, Barranco (Lima sur), León Dormido, Cerro Azul, Huacho, Chancay and Barranca.

The following 17 beaches have been considered "very good" :Las Albúferas, Yacht Club, Redondo, La Estrella, Club Regatas Lima Nº 1 and 2; El Silencio, Caballeros, Playa Blanca, San Bartolo Norte "A", Santa María, Embajadores, Puerto Viejo, Club Regatas San Antonio, Totoritas, Asia and Los Cocos.