A Successful 1st Round of Trade Talks with India

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

This past Friday, Peru, and India wrapped up the 1st round of negotiations on a bilateral trade agreement.

Peru has had India on the agenda for what seems like ages since President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski took office.  Finally, the long-anticipated trade talks with the South Asian power have begun.

Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR) informed this past Friday that the 1st round of negotiations has been successfully closed between Peru and India.

Andina reports that the talks, which occurred August 8-11, covered market access, tariffs, and other technical aspects of the prospective trade deal as well as cooperation and institutional topics.

Peru hopes to gain preferential access to the Indian market with the trade deal while attracting Indian investment.  Both nations are also interested in easing the movement of skilled professionals between the 2 countries.

The 2nd round of negotiations is scheduled for December.





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