Sunat Announces: Pay Taxes Straight from Smartphones


The Sunat will put into operation starting in January a new virtual platform to present monthly returns, make tax payments and check the status of procedures.

People will be able to access this service from Sunat Virtual through a personal computer on which the application is installed or from a mobile device on which the Sunat app is installed. The platform will be called “My Declarations and Payments” and be a much simpler way to pay declared amounts and consult ongoing processes.

The collecting entity reported that the use of the new platform can be done from its website ( or by previously installing the application on a personal computer or phone.

In a first part of the implementation of the aforementioned service, the Sunat will make available to the taxpayers the virtual forms referred to IGV-monthly rent (Form 621), as well as those corresponding to withholding agents (Form 626), agent of perception acquisition of fuel (Form 633) and agent of internal sales perception.

Later, other sworn statements will be incorporated gradually, in such a way that the aforementioned service will become the only one that the taxpayers will have to present their determinative declarations before the Sunat.

The Legal Area of the Chamber of Commerce of Lima (CCL) highlighted the facilities that Sunat will provide to taxpayers with the new online platform.

The taxpayer must select the “Easy declaration” form to submit and enter the period to be declared. Then, personalized information will appear that should be verified and modified, if applicable. To pay the amount, the taxpayer may choose to use a credit or debit card. It can also be paid at an authorized bank, using the Sunat payment number.

(Source: Sunat)

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