SuperFoods Peru Brand (VIDEO)

(Photo: Organica de Altura/Facebook)

This video from Marca Peru is a nice introduction to the Superfoods Peru brand that is being tenaciously promoted around the world.

Many of the foods that we call “superfoods” today were part of every day Andean diet thousands of years ago.  This is why the Peruvian government has appropriated the word in their new brand to promote Peruvian suppliers of high-nutrient agricultural products abroad.

Superfoods Peru has been quite literally around the world lately.

From China to Brazil, Belgium to the United States, the brand is on track to show off Peru’s wealth of healthy export products on nearly every continent.

The products promoted by Superfoods Peru are in high demand in the health industry around the world.  Peru seeks to position itself to be one of the leading countries to fill this demand.

The brand promotes products like quinoa, maca, purple corn, goldenberry, lucuma, camu camu, cocoa, sacha inchi, grapes, blueberries, mandarins, mangoes, avocadoes, asparagus, oily fish, and much more.

All of the above are featured in the video below with a short description of exactly what makes them “super”.

Video Courtesy of Marca Peru on Youtube.

For more information check out Peru.info’s portal about the brand or the brand’s official website.

The websites include informative tools as well as links to connect buyers with suppliers.



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