Surf´s up! ASP South America competition comes to Peru


The summer season seems to be teasing residents along the coastal regions of Peru as the sun ducks in and out, causing many to start daydreaming about the beach. For junior surfers around the world, the Association of Professional Surfers (ASP) is giving good reason to get to the beach a bit early in the season.

The ASP is launching a South American Junior Contest in the renowned surfer´s paradise, Chicama. From September 16th to the 20th, the best surfers under the age of 21 will be competing in this northern Peru town located in the region of La Libertad. The event will have two divisions, male and female, with successful competitors gaining access to the World Junior Championship and an opportunity at the World Title.

According to the ASP website, the waves of Chicama are famous among surfers for reaching ride paths up to two kilometers in length. However, good surfing conditions can not be guaranteed, thus the scheduled five days are generally used as a waiting period for prime waves. Organizers and surfers will be keeping an eye on the surf forecast leading up to the event.

Residents of Razuri, the district that Chicama belongs to, are also anticipating the event, but not for the thrill of riding waves. Lupe Flores, mayor of Razuri, is aware that such crowd-drawing events can promote the area and boost districts such as Razuri, an area that has been slower than others in modernization.

We are fully committed to the development of young talent in the region and that is why we are supporting this event of international prestige, says Flores. She also notes hopefully that the event will help establish a surf industry in the region.

Standout female Peruvian participants of the event include current National Champion Miluska Tello, alongside Vania Torres and Melanie Giunta. In the men´s division, athletes Juninho Urcia, Joaquín Del Castillo, and Miguel Tudela will compete, among others.The September event is anticipated by junior athletes and the host region alike.