Survey Shows 62% of Peruvians Would Live Abroad

(Photo: Wikipedia Commons)

An El Comercio survey performed by Ipsos Peru reveals that the majority of Peruvians would go to live in another country if they could.

Ipsos Peru carried out an El Comercio survey asking Peruvians if they would go to live abroad.

62% responded yes, they would if they could, but only 35% of those surveyed actually have concrete plans to emigrate.

37% of Peruvians surveyed responded no, that even if they had the opportunity they wouldn’t leave Peru to live in another country.  1% either didn’t respond or were undecided.

El Comercio reports that the most preferred destination for Peruvians to live abroad would be the United States, followed by Spain and Argentina.

The survey asked nearly 1,300 Peruvians this question and included both urban and rural areas.  Both men and women of 18 years or older participated.



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