Terrible News! A Disallowed Goal in the Peru Cup Started a Shooting (VIDEO)


A disallowed goal infuriated the fans who entered the court to challenge the referee for his decision that would have affected the result.

A disallowed goal unleashed the anger of some fans who tried to attack the referee after entering the court of the Francisco Mendoza Pizarro de Olmos Stadium, in the province of Lambayeque.

The match was 1-0 favoring the team “Carlos Stein”, however, when the other team rival – “Juan Aurich Pastor” – was able to tie the match, the team decided not to validate the goal that would have avoided the defeat of the local team.

Peru21 reported that the fans, completely filled with frustration, did not hesitate to enter the court. However, they were met by police officers who had to use their weapons to discourage infuriated fans.

According to a witness, there were only 20 police officers in the compound and once they saw themselves outnumbered by angry fans, they were forced to shoot in the air to avoid any aggression to the referee.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported after this incident that stains violence, again, to the Peru Cup. Watch the video with the precise moments of the shooting:

Soccer is a delicate topic right now in the country with the national team practically qualified for the World Cup. How do you think institutions can stop this type of events from happening?



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