The best places to try Peruvian food abroad


Are you far away from Peru but dying for a ceviche or a nice plate of lomo saltado? With the growing popularity of Peruvian food, it’s not impossible to find Peruvian restaurants and cafes all over the world. Here are our top picks for Peruvian eateries that happen to be located outside of Peru.

*Ceviche Peruvian Kitchen*

La Gorda
_(Photo: Sophia Guida/Peru this Week)_

This little place in Soho, London, helped put the cold seafood salad on the UK food map. Aside from an extensive list of ceviches and tiraditos, one can also find classic hot dishes like anticuchos, lomo saltado, escabeche, and spicy rabbit stew. There is also a wide variety of pisco-based drinks and South American wines. If you wish to learn how to prepare ceviche at home, there is also a master class once per month.

*Tito’s Peruvian Restaurant*

Located in London as well, Tito’s offers classic Peruvian dishes – everything from ceviche mixto to yuca rellena – in a low-key, casual environment. There is also a special menu for vegetarians. Pisco sours also come by the pitcher!

*La Mar Cebicheria Peruana*

La Gorda
_(Photo: La Mar Cebicheria Peruana in San Francisco Facebook)_

One branch of Gaston Acurio’s franchise, this elegant cevicheria has locations in Miami, San Francisco, Bogota, and Sao Paolo, as well as Lima. Here you can find an eclectic mix of ceviches and other Peruvian seafood dishes, such as causa made from several different potato types and quinoa prepared like Chinese fried rice. Different branches will offer a different menu, depending on which ingredients are currently in season.


A popular eatery in New York City’s Flatiron district, Raymi offers an extensive collection of traditional Peruvian dishes and pisco cocktails. The menu also includes a section with choices that are good for sharing, such as pollo a la brasa and suckling pig. For a more modest meal, try the “small plates” section for a list of piqueos.

*Warique Peruvian Kitchen*

La Gorda
_(Photo: Neco Vera/Pisco Trail)_

Another one located in Manhattan, Warique’s menu includes many well-known dishes from Peru, including aji de gallina and chupe de camarones as well as several classic ceviches. The kids’ menu even lists salchipapas. Also, if you don’t wish to venture out into the New York City streets, the website gives you the option to order online and have your meal delivered.

*Takatis Pollo a la Brasa*

Named by LA Weekly as the area’s best Peruvian restaurant, this chicken restaurant is known for its spicy chicken sandwiches, known as sanguches. The Takatis version consists of sliced roasted chicken, fried egg, fried sweet potato slices, cheese, spicy aji sauce, lettuce and tomato, served on a round roll. You can also find more substantial dishes like a complete pollo a la brasa or pollo saltado. Takatis is located on Van Nuys Boulevard.

*El Condor Pasa*

This Paris-based establishment offers all of the traditional Peruvian dishes, but also keeps things interesting with fusion items like rocoto ice cream or a quinoa salad with French accents. If you go at lunch, you can try a menu-style meal, where you can choose two courses from the daily lunch menu – a common practice in Peru.

These are just a few of the Peruvian restaurants to be found around the world. In just about every major city, Peruvian restaurants are starting to spring up. Even if you can’t find a Peruvian restaurant, the necessary ingredients are becoming much easier to find outside of Peru and there are scores of recipes on the internet!

*Sophia Guida is a Lima-based freelance writer/photojournalist. You can find her on “Twitter”:https://twitter.com/sguida2010, “Instagram#”:http://instagram.com/sguida2010 and “Tumblr”:http://photosfromperu.tumblr.com/ (photosfromperu).*