“The Colors Of Trujillo”: Photography Project Of The Streets Of The City


Adela Hurtado is the daughter of two Peruvians from the city of Trujillo. She was born in the United States and went to law school. Nevertheless, she always remembers spending every summer in the city where her parents came from.

Colors of Trujillo
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“Even though Trujillo is known as the Capital of Culture in Peru, for me it was a place to have fun, eat tallarín saltado every day, and wander the streets with family and friends”, she told Traveling and Living in Peru.

Having done photography projects before in China and New York, she decided to photograph Trujillo in one of her latest visits. “I was especially taken with the buildings I passed by while walking with my father. These were colorful buildings that my parents remembered while they were growing up in the city”, she explained.

Slowly, the photos Adela began to take accumulated and turned into “The Colors of Trujillo”, which consists of a collection of photographs of old buildings nestled in the smaller streets of Trujillo, as she explains.

The buildings, their doors and details, house homes, hotels, stores, and ruins”, are some of the things you can find in this collection, she says. You can also find interior photos of the now closed-down traditional Colegio San Juan, where Peruvian writer Cesar Vallejo taught and which her father attended.

Adela explains that “The Colors of Trujillo” is an ongoing project and in future visits, she wishes to add more photographs. She will have an exhibition in New York City on July 25 and 26 at the Soho Photo Gallery.

(Cover Photo: Adela Hurtado)

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