‘The Independent’ experiences Peru’s Amazon on a luxury cruise


When in the Amazon, fish as the Amazonians fish.

Nick Boulos of ‘The Independent’ found himself fishing for piranha with a bamboo rod and “wriggly maggots” while in the middle of a luxury cruise with Aqua Expeditions in the Peruvian Amazon.

Once he mastered the technique, he quickly pulled the line, and “landing on the floor of the boat with a slap and to squeals from [his]fellow fishermen and women,” was the “most feared resident” of the Amazon, a man-eating piranha.

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Boulos encountered a number of the Amazon’s abundant wildlife while adventuring through the depths of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, the second largest protected natural area of Peru.

It holds “527 species of birds, 102 mammals and 94 riverside floodplain communities.” Boulos saw “anteaters and anacondas; swooping macaws…caimans and giant jet-black dragonflies,” among other species.

He spoke with a local in the Huaysi village where locals were playing soccer and a convenience store owner was stocking goods. The owner, Raphael, told Boulos what it’s like to live there.

“It’s a hard life here, we are washed out every year by floods and have to rebuild, but I’m proud that my home is somewhere people dream about visiting.”

To read the full article click “here”:http://www.independent.co.uk/travel/cruise/amazon-cruise-a-luxury-trip-through-the-peruvian-wilderness-a6938916.html.

Aqua Expeditions participates in turtle wildlife preservation

_YouTube: Taricaya Turtle Wildlife Preservation; Pacaya Samiria National Reserv



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