The majesty of Peru’s landscapes


You are looking out your second story window admiring the majesty of the looming, partially rock cliff mountain that is so close you can practically reach out to touch it. (And the photos do not do justice to reveal the closeness that is seen and felt in reality.) With tall, sun-glinting eucalyptus trees swaying in the breeze at its forefront, this mountain… your mountain… bestows you such an impressive view. The azure blue sky above your mountain dotted with white
fluffy clouds give your mountain the backdrop only Mother Nature can provide to complete your stunning view.

On the sheer rock side to the right of your mountain there is the profile of an ancient, bearded man that you imagine to be a wise, high priest of the sacred Incas who is protecting and guarding not only your mountain but all those who are and that which is around it.

Just when you think you have the perfect scene, that it cannot get any better than this and that nothing else can top this magnificent panorama, you see movement of flecks of white on your mountain. What could possibly be up there? They’re not clouds, they’re not birds, they’re not planes, and they’re definitely not people. You have gazed at your marvelous mountain practically
every day and there has not once, ever, anywhere on those high, steep slopes of your mountain been any people trekking around. Upon further inspection you find yourself in total disbelief and in stunned amazement at what you are witnessing.

In awe and wonder you see that those little white specks moving on the precipitous side of your mountain are a band of wild mountain goats! They’re real, live, wild mountain goats! You know that they are not a domesticated herd because there are no people up there.

As you have already narrowed your focus from the total vista to the mountain goats, you are enthralled with your view of their play with each other, of their jumping from one ledge to another and of their ease at maneuvering the near perpendicular slopes of your mountain.

You are the engaged onlooker and are smiling with gratitude at this moment as you observe how freely they roam and feed, how they stay together in family proximity and how they are the epitome of the robust life that you have seen only in Peru in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.An unhospitable mountain plays host to some unusual guests.