There Are About 60,000 Audio Recordings Of Alleged Acts Of Corruption In Peru


There are approximately 60,000 audios that expose alleged acts of corruption in the Judiciary and Peruvian politics, according to El Universal.

To analyze and disseminate the audio recordings, a group of investigative journalists formed a team, reported members of the collective in Lima.

“The Journalistic Research Platform was announced by the digital media Convoca, which indicated that it will work with journalists from the newspaper La República, the Internet research medium Ojo Público and the community media outlet Wayka, Efe reported”, you can read in the aforementioned media.

This is an unprecedented collaborative effort in Peru among the three media that have access to the audio recordings of alleged acts of corruption in the country. It is a “journalistic effort”, that adds up to the one initiated by IDL-Reporters who began to broadcast the audios to reveal judicial corruption.

“Those audios showed agreements and compromises for posts and promotions in the Judiciary and even negotiations for judgments, which led to the closure of the National Council of the Magistracy (CNM) and the announcement of the reorganization of the Judiciary”, El Universal said.

(Cover Photo Wikimedia Commons)

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