There Are More Than 31 Million People In Peru


The last census in Peru, which began on October 22, 2017, revealed that there are 31,237,385 people living in the country at the moment. This number includes locals and foreigners, and it’s the first time in ten years that this investigation takes place.

El Comercio revealed the data from the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI), which also informed that 50.8% of the people in the country are women (14.9 million people), and 49.25 are men (14.4 million people).

Among other results, INEI says that the population growth rate has been 1% during the entire last decade, which is only half of what took place during the beginning of the 80s and 90s.

“This trend is reflected in the distribution of the population in the regions, concentrated mainly in Lima (9.4 million), Piura (1.8 million), La Libertad (1.7 million) and Arequipa (1.3 million). These collectively hold 46% of the national total,” El Comercio wrote.

There is also a tendency of an older population, meaning that currently there are more elders than people under 15 years. To the Director of Research at the French Institute of Research for Development, Javier Herrera, this fact means a challenge in the health and pension policies in the future.

Nevertheless, this census received complaints regarding the number of people who weren’t counted, which added up to 5.9% of the entire population. According to Farid Matuk, ex-chief of the INEI, this number could even be larger since there is no precise information about the post-census process.

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