These Are The Most Influential People In Peru, According To Survey


President Martín Vizcarra holds the first place in the XXXVIII Power Survey, released yesterday by the magazine “Economic Week”.

According to information published by El Comercio, “94% of interviewees consider him to be the person with the most power in Peru. Keiko Fujimori and Prime Minister César Villanueva share the second place with 34 percentage points less than the president”.

The study was done among opinion leaders and specialists. Regarding the political sphere, there were two moments recorded in the survey: before and after the request of confidence done by Vizcarra, on September 16.

“According to the survey conducted by Ipsos Peru, the president rose 13 percentage points compared to the study last August”, El Comercio informed.

As for Keiko Fujimori, she registered a decrease of 21%, amidst the crisis her political party is going through and her preliminary detention for alleged money laundering.

“It has more to do with the discrediting of Fujimorism based on the decisions made in Congress and by Keiko Fujimori herself. When the president rose in popularity and pushed the referendum, she refused. That has generated a great malaise”, said Enrique Castillo to the aforementioned media.

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