These Are The People With The Most Power In Peru


Datum Internacional presented the latest edition of the Pulso Perú Power 2018 survey, in which Keiko Fujimori ranks as the person with the most power in Peru, with 36%.

The leader of Fuerza Popular, is followed – well behind – the President of the Republic Martín Vizcarra”, you can read in Gestión, adding that his percentage is of 23%.

In third and fourth place the ex-Presidents Alan García and Alberto Fujimori are considered powerful, holding 14% and 4%, respectively.

Next, the ranking named Dionisio Romero Paoleti Jr. with 2%, followed by Daniel Salaverry with 1%, and César Acuña, with also 1%.

In eight place you can find cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani (1%); Roque Benavides (1%); and César Villanueva (1%) in tenth place.

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