10 Fun Things To Do In Lima


Lima- a mega city of 43 districts and home to 9 million inhabitants would offer you loads of interesting sites to explore.

The stately manors of the old city, the chic beach-side neighborhoods, the myriad adventure opportunities and of course the delectable cuisine are some of the things which would keep you coming back for more.

In today’s post, we are going to tell you about some of the must-visit places in the lovely Peruvian capital.

1. Visit to the Aliaga House

The oldest house in the continent, the Aliaga House which was constructed back in the times of Francisco Pizarro comes with a vast collection of Peruvian artefacts including weapons used by the conquistadors during the conquest of Peru.

2. A walk in the Plaza de Armas

Often referred to as the Plaza Mayor, the historic town square of Lima is surrounded by some of the most important as well as most beautiful buildings of the country. Make sure to devote at least half a day in this area for some amazing photo opportunities.

3. A trip to the Museo Larco

Even if you are not a museum person, you should definitely pay a visit to this one if only for the mind-blowing (explicit) ceramic. There is an entire room dedicated to sex pottery some of which are sure to make you blush.

4. Paragliding

If you are tired of exploring the streets of Lima then try flying over the capital. Not many capital cities in the world would give you a chance to paraglide over the marvelous cliff tops and fascinating beaches.

5. San Francisco Monastery

The San Francisco Monastery with its stunning baroque architecture and massive well preserved library is definitely not just another colonial church. If you are still not convinced, wait till you take a tour of the catacombs where more than 75,000 bodies are heaped up around you.

6. Explore the ruins of Huaca Pucllana

You don’t have to travel all the way to the Andes to get a glimpse of the vestiges of the Inca Empire. The Huaca Pucllana in the Miraflores district is a magnificent ruin which dates back to 500 AD.

7. Space out at the El Malecon

The El Malecon is a lovely park which stretches for about 6 miles and is located in the upscale Miraflores district. The design of this park is reminiscent of the work of Antonio Gaudi. If you keep heading north from the lovers park, you’ll land up at the take-off point for para-gliders.

8. Indulge your taste buds at the best Cevicherias

If you are looking forward to a gastronomical delight then try visiting some of the top cevicherias of the town such as Chez Wong, La Red or Pescados Capitales.

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9. A walk in the Bohemian area of Barranco

A long walk in the Bohemian quarters of the city at night time is a must-do for any traveler with or without an artistic inclination. The lovely cafes, the 18th-century architecture and of course the Puente de los Suspiros are some of the highlights of this area.

10. Gaze at the city from the Cerro San Cristobal

One of the most important landmarks of the city, the little hill of Cerro San Cristobal located in the north east of downtown Lima would give you a stunning view of the city all the way to the sea.


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