Today Peru Celebrates Creole Song Day


Today, on October 31, a tribute is paid to a well-loved musical genre in Peru, the Creole song. The celebration of this anniversary is celebrated this day every year since the first government of Manuel Prado Ugarteche.

According to Notimérica, the Creole Song Day was initially celebrated on October 18, but since it coincided with the festivity of the Lord of Miracles, it was moved.

“The Peruvian Association of Authors and Composers (APDAYC) conducted an investigation into this and placed a copy of the resolution that decreed the Creole Song Day”, the aforementioned media said.

Peru Travel Tips explains that Creole music is a fusion of native Peruvian, African and Spanish music and this day seeks to keep this type of music alive. Some of the styles that are danced are marinera, tondero, festejo, landó and zamacueca.

You can enjoy this festivity today in places such as bars with live music, drinks and food.

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