Top 7 Places To Eat In Cusco


Cusco is a major hub for travelers to Machu Picchu and also for holidaymakers who visit it for the sake of pure visual delight.

Peruvian food has made a place for itself in the international food map owing to the rich culinary heritage of the country that has smoothly merged with the continental favorites. Cusco is one of the few cities in Latin America where you can find numerous affordable food joints which ensure satisfaction comparable to any high star restaurant.

In today’s post, we will present you with a list of eateries which fit your budget and also the ones suitable for your special occasions. 

1. Inti Raymi Restaurant

This is the place for your special celebrations- any dish tastes better here. The ambiance is excellent, and the music is a treat to the ears. Dining here is a rare experience you will never forget. The bean salad with quinoa is too good to resist.

Address: Hotel Palacio Del Inka a Luxury Collection| Plazoleta Santo Domingo 259, Cusco,

2. Qespi Restaurant & Bar

Satiate your taste buds amidst an environment beyond comparison especially if you are a lover of a dim and dark ambiance. The menu covers a wide range of dishes that vary from local specialties to international favorites. This place is worth visiting at least once during your stay in Cusco.

(Photo: Qespi Restaurant & Bar/ Facebook Public Domain
Address: Calle Ruinas 432 | San Agustin, Cusco, Peru (Formerly Pirqa Restaurante).

3. Pachapapa

This place specializes in authentic Andean dishes. A very laid-back cozy ambiance slows down time and enables an experience of idle unwinding after an eventful day. Open courtyard warmed by heaters and a huge clay oven set the mood for pampering your palate. The sliced or whole-roasted guinea pig is the local specialty offered.

(Photo: Pachapapa/ Facebook Public Domain)
Address: Pachapapa, Plaza San Blas 120, San Blas, Cusco, Peru.

4. Chicha

The name of this place has been borrowed from the corn beer of the Incas. Peru’s celebrity chef Gaston Acurio owns this place. It is always crowded, and hence advanced booking is a must. Seafood is their specialty; try the trout ceviche, tender grilled octopus and also for turf option go for the “Lomo Saltado”. Improvisation on traditional recipes highjacks this culinary experience to the next level.

(Photo: Chicha/ Facebook Public Domain)
Address: Chicha, Heladeros 261, Cusco, Peru

5. Limo

Commanding the best view over the central Plaza de Armas, this is the hottest and happening eatery and Pisco bar (a grape brandy which also happens to be Peru’s national drink) in Cusco. Pisco cocktails, seafood especially sushi and tiradito are simply irresistible.

Address: Limo, Portal de Cames, Cusco, Peru.

6. Green Organic

Decorated after farmhouse settings, this place offers an entirely natural range of cuisines to give your stomach a well-deserved rest. But that in no way means a bland diet. The freshness and simplicity of the food are beyond imagination. Tropical fruit juices and organic wines are some of the drinks that will make you happy and will leave you craving for some more.

Address: Green Organic, Calle Santa Catalina Angosta 135, Cusco, Peru.

7. Fallen Angel

This bizarre eating joint makes fun of all that is customary and conventional. Bathtub with tropical fishes covered by thick glasses serve as a dinner table, flying pigs and cherubs grabs your attention as fluttery jazz spice up the atmosphere. Apart from the funky decor, the steak served here is one of the best in town.

Address: Fallen Angel, Plazoleta Nazarenas 221, Cusco, Peru.

Hope you have enjoyed reading and that have a chance to visit the places on the list!

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