La Tostaduría Bisetti: A required coffee break in Barranco


This past Friday was national coffee day, and among the celebrations, the headquarters of Café Bisetti welcomed old and new customers to try their signature espresso, as well as the new creations from the friendly baristas. For those who have visited Arábica Espresso Bar over at Recavarren, you’ll be pleased to know this is the second addition of both owners David Torres Bisetti and Hannah Scranton. Located at a former museum on Pedro de Osma near the borough hall of Barranco, this café provides a lab where consumers can watch the daily toasting of the best and organic beans Peru has to offer.

Photo by Carlos del Aguila

On this occasion, I had the pleasure of tasting espressos from the region of Jaén, Cajamarca, which I highly recommend. To be noted, this wonder beverage also has an added value of being fair-trade which means working directly with producers, helping the coffee chain grow, raising awareness of where this product comes from and overall, develop a higher level of consumption among us.

Photo by Claudia Cañedo Lou

The environment at the Tostaduría greets customers with a photograph of Anita Ekberg at the entrance; and graffiti by Entes & Pésimo, local artists, covered the walls. Vintage style furniture, as well as coffee machines, serve as décor. Passing the lounge areas, one can notice the presence of the Strada machine, the espresso maker central to this bar. Ready to have your mind blown? Customers can bring their USB drive and save the data with the pressure profile they wish to have their espresso made with each time they visit.

Photo by Carlos del Aguila

As for the menu, it continues to grow with some pisco, as well as chocolate combinations. Dessert lovers out there will be pleased to know the carrot cake, muffins, New York cheesecake and apple pie are served daily from 8am. This is a must stop in Barranco.

Av. Pedro de Osma 116, Barranco.
Open from Monday to Sunday- from 08:00- 21:00