Tourism in Cajamarca (VIDEO)


Cajamarca had a week full of traditional culture and attractions for tourists.

President PPK mentioned some time ago that it was very important to promote tourism in Peru as one important source of income for the country.

Last year, a startup in Oxampa sought to inspire other companies to promote ecotourism in Peru.

But this time, in order to promote their local cultural, Cajamarca had its own cultural week. Natives from this town prepared activities for an entire week. The inaugural party was held on Monday, November 13 in the Central Square, with the presentation of dances and artistic displays made by students from local schools.

In the following video, you can see more about this beautiful town full of folklore and interesting things to share with tourists.

The event ended with a theatrical performance in the central square of the city called “The Encounter Between Worlds”. Tourists and local inhabitants gathered to see the staging of the meeting between Peruvians and Spaniards, which would give rise to a new world.

According to the organization, this special week cost 150 thousand Soles (around 48,000 USD). Some companies from the private sector also participated in this week.

Have you ever been to Cajamarca? Do you think this is a good way to promote tourism?

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