Tourists Help Discover New Species in Peru’s Rainforest [VIDEO]

Amazon rain forest perfectly reflected in a small river near Iquitos, Peru

For all those people who have ever dreamed about discovering something new, tourists will now be able to help discover new species in Peru’s rainforest. Would you like to be part of it?



Many rresearchersbelieve that there could be 10 to 20 million species of insects which haven’t been described yet and that we are just scratching the surface, just the tip of the iceberg of a plethora of new species yet to be discovered.


Tourists can visit Refugio Amazonas, and be part of the expeditions to collect new species for science. These people who join the expeditions do not require any kind of scientific background and can help in any of the stages of the research project.


By using light they attract insects and then collect them and deliver to the Natural History Museum in Lima. These samples as studied by specialists such as Juan Grados, an expert entomologist from Peru. Only in 2016, there have been verified seven new species.


This is not the first time tourists have been invited to help with scientific research in Peru. Last year, the ecotourism operator featured Wired Amazon, a program that gathers community volunteers to contribute to long-term research and conservation efforts in Tambopata National Reserve. The program includes two projects: ‘Aerobotany’ and ‘Discover a New Species: Barcode Tambopata’


Rainforest Expeditions is an awarding-winning Peruvian ecotourism operator as well as a big contributor to the rainforest conservation and research of the rarest species in the Peruvian Amazon.


Would you like to come to Peru and discover new species?



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