Transit strike in Lima fails to stop commuters


A two-day strike by public transportation companies in Lima has failed to shut down the flow of traffic in the city.

While the first day of the strike, yesterday, attracted the participation of 20% of the buses in the city and caused delays, officials estimate that participation in the strike fell by 50% today, and the flow of traffic was normal.

The strike was convoked by the Corporacion Nacional de Empresas de Transporte and the Frente de Empresas de Transporte de Lima. The groups of bus owners are protesting a plan to reform the public transportation system in Lima, which would require the bus companies to form consortia to operate five routes, as well as to implement new standards for service, emissions and labor practices. The two groups have pulled out of negotiations with the municipality.

On Wednesday, passengers on some routes in northern Lima and elsewhere in the city experienced long delays trying to find available seats. Other passengers opted to travel in the Metropolitano, which operated normally but due to the increased passenger volume, had long lines. Other passengers had to find alternative transportation. On Thursday, there were no reports of significant problems.

The Corporacion Nacional de Empresas de Transporte and the Frente de Empresas de Transportes de Lima have announced that they will hold another work stoppage on October 4th.

The strike caused some delays, but failed to shut down traffic. The organizers have announced another strike for October 4th.