Transportation reform in Lima is ‘irreversible’


The Mayor of Lima, Susana Villaran, was emphatic in saying that her efforts to reform Lima’s transportation system are “irreversible.” According to an interview with RPP radio, the mayor says the announced transportation freeze that has been called for Friday the 16 will not stop the progress.

“My answer is to move forward with the reforms,” Villaran told RPP. “This is irreversible; it’s the clamor of the people; it’s has great support because it’s what the people want.”

She said that despite the rumors of a transport strike, there is no turning back. Her administration plans on continuing the practice of issuing photo-tickets (digital evidence of traffic citations) and enforcing all traffic and parking laws.

“The number of people who want the chaos and the informality or who gain from the disorder, and this awful slowness that generates so much discomfort on the roads, are few,” Villaran said.

On the other hand, she mentioned how more than 20,000 residents will benefit from the expansion projects to the Metropolitan station in Angamos. Villaran also made a point to mention the launch of seven new projects aimed at expanding Metropolitano across the city in order to make them more accessible to commuters.

Villaran points to the work done at the station in Canaval and Mreyra, which doubled its capacity and required a S/. 3.5 million investment.

Villaran also hinted about a possible plan to join the Metropolitan Bus service with the Electric Train, near the Gamarra commercial district. Mayor Villaran vows to continue moving forward.