Trapped Spanish cave expert is 10 meters closer to sunlight


In the morning hours of Tuesday, six days after having fallen deep into the Inti Machay cave, Cecilio Lopez Tercero was brought 10 meters closer to escaping the dark and cold surroundings.

An eight-person team of Spanish explorers began the rescue process by lowering a stretcher down to the victim. Due to Cecilio Lopez’s likely fragile physical state however, the process itself needs to be done delicately.

Using the said tool, the team plans to raise the fallen speleologist in increments, until he has reached the mouth of the cave. For this reason, James Apaéstegui, president of the Andino Caving Club, estimates that the rescue will take up to 5 days.

Apaéstegui is leading the 40-person rescue team that involves members from various countries. More members from Madrid are expected to arrive to the Amazon district of Leymebamba in the coming days.

On Tuesday, the Air Force of Peru sent a Special Forces Group to complete a heliport where the victim will be taken once he is rescued.
Cecilio López has spent 6 days trapped in the Amazon cave.