Máncora and Vichayito: Best bets for luxury beach getaways


Máncora and Vichayito: Best bets for luxury beach getawaysArt and Cuisine
A new proposal released last week was that of Hotelier Arte y Cocina, which looks to offer a complete sensorial experience to its guests. “This goes from its architectural design to the smallest details of decoration and the service of its six family suites and two double suites, whose spaces have private Jacuzzi with ocean view,” says its owner, Javier Ruzo.

What is interesting is the proposal of themed suites, which means that each suite has a different design, some more poetic, some marine, among other proposals.

The renowned chef Teresa Ocampo, Ruzo’s mother, has left her knowledge embodied in the restaurant Donde Teresa in the same corner of Mancora. The menu rescues the Ocampo family cooking tradition and is updated and combined with the cuisine that developed its current offspring.

Máncora and Vichayito: Best bets for luxury beach getawaysIt is an exhibition of haute cuisine which is continuously renewed on the board of the day and includes seafood from the northern land and ocean such as oysters, crabs, shrimps, prawns, black scallops, lobster, tuna, grouper, parrotfish , charela and more species. Donde is open to the general public from 11:00 am until 10:00 pm, including holidays.

Summer Fashion
La Sirena Boutique, located at km 1165 of the Panamerican highway, has become a new fashion icon in the north, a must for fashion lovers and those who take advantage of the rest in this paradise and seek different, limited edition garments.

All products are made in Mancora, where crocheted details stand out as well as unique combinations of textures and colors. One can find everything from long dresses and skirts to accessories like headbands or clips. It is an oasis of relaxation and pleasure for those who want to combine days at the beach with fashion.

Máncora and Vichayito: Best bets for luxury beach getawaysGourmet
There are several places that could be highlighted in the vast culinary offerings of Mancora. Of these, we selected two corners that we think are perfect for those who have an exquisite palate and a taste for gourmet. These are the restaurant of the renowned hotel DCO, located on the beach Las Pocitas, and the other is the restaurant La Sirena d’ Juan, located in the same Panamerican highway, also called Av Piura 316. In both cases, the chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, the chef Alice (resident chef of the hotel) and John Seminar (owner of the Sirena d’ Juan) regard cooking as an art and have achieved proposals that combine the ocean with the arts of the kitchen. Make sure to accompany the exquisite menu with cocktails based on champagne, martinis and other spirits.

Máncora and Vichayito: Best bets for luxury beach getawaysMore Information
Address: On the beach Vichayito. reservations: 436-4173, 99814 * 9471
Web: www.vichayito.com

Address: On the beach Vichayito.
Reservations: 99145 * 6864, 99834-1408.
Web: www.hotelier.pe

Address: Av. Piura 336
Phone: 073-258445

Address: Av Piura 316
Reservations: 073-258173.

Address: On the beach Pocitas
Reservations to: informes@hoteldco.com
Web: www.hoteldco.com

Address: Km 1155 of the Panamerican highway.
Rservations: spaorigenes@yahoo.com
Phone: 99645-9716, 99423-8321

Translated from Spanish by Diana Schwalb