The enchanted forest of Chaparrí, in northern Peru


The reserve is located only 70 kilometers from Chiclayo. It covers 34,412 hectares of dry forest and is named after the imposing mountain that dominates the region.

This is an area that suffers long periods of drought that may last up to three years.

In this place there lives about 30 spectacled bears, Andean condors and the White-winged Guan, which was thought to be extinct until this place brought it back to life.

Chaparrí is also home to over 220 bird species, 36 of which are endemic and 5 threatened. The best hours to view these birds are dawn and dusk when the temperature drops. “If you are looking to see bats or the nine species of owls that exist here, you should go for a walk at night,” advises the scientific director of the reserve, Rob Williams.

You can go for a day to tour major areas or may choose to stay overnight at the lodge that operates inside the reserve, thus being able to live a full natural experience.

For a Day
The tour begins at the interpretive center, where a guide will explain more about the fauna and flora of the reserve.

Walking through the trail you will run into a well of natural water that comes from the vines. You will also see small amphibians and plants everywhere.

In the snake-house you can observe 15 species of boas including the famous rattlesnake, which is one of the most poisonous in the area and the cat snake, so called because it only eats mice.

“Another important point is the shaman or Mochica priest ramada, where spiritual sessions are held, tomas de San Pedro and other mystical tourism activities,” says the guide and resident of the area, Juan Carrasco.

And the most fun part for the children will be feeding the young bear that is in captivity. “He is the only one in that condition and we can not release him because he was rescued from a circus, where they removed the teeth with which he feeds,” says Carrasco.

The cost to visit the reserve is S/.10 (to visit one day) and the guide, which is mandatory, costs S/.50 for a group of ten people.

More Information
For one-day visits: