Two luxury beach resorts in Mancora, Peru


Designed by architect Jordi Puig, the rooms are noted for their thoroughness and for providing a privileged view of the sea which conveys calm. A very long, infinite pool which appears to be at sea level greets you at the entrance. Then, you will find a lounge-bar area, to sped time as a couple or with friends, an outdoor diner and some games for kids to stay entertained.

The place is ideal because it allows the whole family to travel while maintaining the intimacy of couples, as it has rooms that connect with each other, and because there are programmed activities for the kids. But if there is something that will make this place unforgettable it is undoubtedly the food. The young local chef Ron Mendoza will dazzle you with his creations of seafood fusion dishes.

In addition, the MMH sailboat is ready to sail if you want a ride.

The travel plan it offers for Easter break is a US$540 package for three nights and four days (includes breakfast).

The Intimate Plan
On the same road is DCO. A boutique hotel with seven exclusive rooms, it’s designed to go as a couple.

All the decoration – by Karim-Chaman – inspires romance with open shower rooms and floor to ceiling mirrors as part of interior design. Obviously, children have restricted access here so the hotel is ideal for a honeymoon.

Activities in the steam chamber, couple’s massage and a Jacuzzi overlooking the sea on the top level (which can be enjoyed alone), make this hotel a paradise.

An intimate terrace with a swimming pool adjacent to the lounge-bar offers relaxation permanently.

Mancora Marina Hotel is located at the beginning of the road to Pocitas.
Tel. 073 258119 / 99832*4072

Pocitas beach, Mancora, Piura.
Tel. 073 258171