Staying in bungalows at Organos beach, Peru’s quiet vacation spot


Órganos is a beach vacation spot with a fishing pier and a cove called Punta Veleros. The sea in Órganos is one of the prettiest in Peru, ideal for water sports like surfing, kite surfing, scuba diving and fishing. The beach has white sand, no rocks and crystalline water.

Staying in bungalows at Organos beach, Peru's quiet vacation spot.
Fishing boats leaving early in the morning.
Staying in bungalows at Organos beach, Peru's quiet vacation spot.
A room at Soleil Bungalows.

Órganos is a small fishing and beach town with about 9,000 people. The town has been growing lately because of tourism. Most of the properties along the beach are either hotels or houses for rent. If you are coming with a large group, the best idea is to rent a house. It will be cheaper and you can also hire someone to clean the house and cook. Fish and seafood is cheap: Just go to the market to get fresh food and come back home to cook them. I recommend you to try the mero, a local grouper fish with delicious meat, and of course the lobster, which is way cheaper than in Lima.

Since I wasn’t with a large group of people and would stay just one night, I tried Soleil Bungalows, one of the town’s bungalow-type hotels. The owner of the place likes Bali very much, so his property was done in a Balinese style. He used to live in Lima with his family until he decided to move somewhere peaceful with good waves. He wasn’t the only one who did so. Many of the hotels in the area belong to couples who decided to leave the busy city behind and move to a quiet and sunny place.

It was so peaceful there. If there were a few people in Máncora, there was nobody here! I felt as if this was my own paradise. This place is made just to relax and chill out. Although the beach was in front of me, I preferred to stay at the pool. It was amazingly quiet. The only thing I could hear was the sound of the waves, which was relaxing. The pool was small, but the design made you feel it was much larger and even part of the sea. Great! Near the hotels at the beach there are no stores. If you want to find one, you should go into the town.

Staying in bungalows at Organos beach, Peru's quiet vacation spot.
Soleil bungalows on the coast of Órganos beach.

The best way to start my morning in Órganos was a nice walk along the beach. The cove is small so it wasn’t difficult to walk along the whole beach, which was also narrow. The tide has changed lately and the water was covering more of the beach, therefore there was less sand and the good waves for surfing were also gone. There was nobody around. I walked from one end until the pier. At the pier I saw some fishermen finishing their work and ready to go back to town to sell their products.

After breakfast it was time to go back to the beach. The weather was nice and warm but the sun wasn’t burning hot. Perfect! I spent a couple of hours there and then back to the hotel and the pool. It was becoming time to go back to Máncora. This time I wouldn’t do it by taxi, but by mototaxi. These vehicles are very popular here due to the hot weather. The drive was an adventure. Just imagine driving this small vehicle in the middle of the big Panamericana highway. Yes, this is not very safe, but it is used by most of the locals. Driving on the highway was scary and is one of the things you want to do once in your life just for the experience.

Órganos was a nice surprise. It is a great destination perfect to relax, but do not expect a party town. There are facilities for visitors, but not located within walking distance from the beach, except for a couple of restaurants. This place is more about disconnecting from the world and enjoying beach life.

Staying in Órganos is more expensive than Máncora. There are no hostels, just hotels and houses for rent in front of the beach. Houses work perfectly for large groups staying for a long time During the low season you pay for a four people bungalow approx S/. 75 each including breakfast. While for a house you pay approx US $25 each per day, minimum five people for two weeks. These properties have direct access to the beach.

High Season
It starts with New Year’s Eve and ends in March. Easter, Fiestas Patrias (July 28 and 29), School Holidays (one week in May and another in September) and Halloween are also considered the high season. The rest of the year is low season, prices are much lower and you can bargain for a good deal. For the high season you need to book accommodation in advance.

Other details
Órganos has a problem with the water supply. So, they recommend that you do not use more than you need. Also the power supply is limited, and it is shut down during the early morning. But people are already used to that small inconvenience. A tip: Summer is also the mosquito season, so bring your repellent. Also, try to have cash with you, as communication lines can go down, making it impossible to use credit cards for purchases.

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