Experience luxury and adventure in a Peru desert vacation


Before sunset, the guests of the Hotel Paracas will have the opportunity to ride in one of the 4×4 trucks that will take them sand dune surfing. Thanks to the expertise of the drivers, you will feel as if you were in a roller coaster riding sideways down the dunes, going at full speed to avoid getting stuck  and descending at an angle of almost 90 degrees. Your heart stops for a second.

After an hour-long ride, one must find a way to calm down. In the midst of this ocean of sand, snowy Bedouin tents dimly lit with torches will appear. There you can relax lying on soft cushions, drinking a glass of champagne and enjoying a light meal that includes fruit, skewers, among other delicacies. Here the silence will be clearly heard in the middle of the night and romance will take over. All these activities are provided by the tour operator T’ikariy.

Hotel Paracas offers a luxury dinner in the dunes of Peru’s coastal desert. (Photo: Jorge Esquiroz)

This arid zone of Paracas, called the California Desert, is one of the driest in the world. That is why finding an oasis here is a real event.

The Doubletree Paracas by Hilton offers a group tour through the desert where you will find a set of natural oasis that the Costa Rica, Morón and La Escondida lakes hide. The second of these is the most visited for being the most virgin. Tourist can swim in the water or practice other activities such as sandboard.

Another of the novelties offered by this hotel is the Go Cars which are tubular buggies for two people. The idea is that the guest enjoys the experience of driving through the desert (guided by another Go Car).

Don’t be afraid: Every passenger wears a helmet, seat belt and the whole security equipment. Besides, the car has a top speed of 40 kilometers per hour. This tour is made in the reserve, bordering the coast to the cross through the desert.

All of these activities are safe but are not recommended for pregnant women of small children who can end up being scared instead of having fun.