New hotels add comfort to the legendary surfing in Chicama, Peru


Endless waves
Chicama is famous for its waves, considered one of the longest in the world (according to connoisseurs could be up to a kilometer long, and up to two kilometers with luck).

New hotels adds comfort to the legendary surfing in Chicama, Peru
Surfer Thomas Mraz recently taking the waves at Chicama in northern Peru.

It still has its classical beach houses and endless pier from that time, which now looks like a sculpture that pays a nostalgic tribute to the traces left by the breeze and the time in this magical place.

This idyllic refuge is reviving its old glory again, thanks to the new wave of hotel investment with lodges like the Buen Abrigo Hotels & Spa which is committed to the real landscape of the place. The hotel created the first resort dedicated to surfers, this time with all the comforts they deserve.

The service includes a boat that takes them to the “point” without the need to walk long stretches of rocks bare feet; it also has a store and renting space for surfboards and equipment needed to enjoy the waves all the day. It also offers surf lessons for young and adult fans of the waves.

A wonderful beach front pool keeps its guests entertained all day and it is ideal to relax or enjoy the bay without having to feel a lot of adrenaline. And for even more pampering, there is a massage room to relax in all afternoon.

The gastronomic offer of Chicama Surf is another point in its favor: it is almost impossible to not to eat well in the north of Peru, and if you are in front of the sea, it is even better.