A luxury stay in Peru’s Colca Canyon


Luxurious Casitas in Colca Canyon

Seen from above, Las Casitas del Colca seem a plot of houses with red tiles, but once we drive down the hill, the unique experience begins.

Las Casitas del Colca is reminiscent of beautiful hidden places in France or Italy, a perfectly designed landscape with tall trees, bushes, ponds, waterfalls and colorful flowers. There is enough silence to rest and meditate surrounded by mountains with old Andean terraces and amazing skies. The trees are mostly eucalyptus and queñua; flowers include the kantu and other species from Peru. On top of this wonderful atmosphere is the hotel’s staff, who is devoted to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Heated outside pools at Las Casitas. See a slideshow of the visit.

Las Casitas del Colca belongs to the Orient Express group and the whole compound has adorable details both indoors and outdoors. The main building works as a gathering place:  it includes the reception, bar, restaurant, a terrace facing the mountain terracing and some facilities such as computers and a store. 

The lodging at Las Casitas are a presidential villa and 19 cottage villas, some of which join together. There is also an outdoor heated swimming pool, the Samay spa, vegetable gardens and a farm. Each villa is a work of design: they have floor heating, a chimney, a wonderful bathroom and a terrace. The bathrooms are as spacious as small spas, with private gardens which gives the bathrooms plenty of light. It is possible to enjoy a relaxing bath with natural salt in the bath tub or the indoor or the outdoor showers while watching the trees and the clouds. Each villa has an outdoor terrace with a small pool with warm water, if you would like to enjoy your favorite drink while you admire the landscape.

The canyon has a dry climate, sunny during the morning, windy during the afternoon and cooler by night, the rainy season is from December to March. Sunscreen, sunglasses and some warm clothes are always good to pack.

A Family Vacation Option

Horseback riding at Las Casitas. See a slideshow of the visit.

Families with children are welcome and have a chance to enjoy outdoor activities on the large grounds of Las Casitas. Among the activities inside the compound are bottle-feeding baby alpacas, fishing trout in the pond or walking around the hotel visiting the farms and the vegetable gardens. Teenagers and adults can ride mountain bikes and Peruvian Paso horses, and trek along the mysterious paths of the Canyon.

From Las Casitas you can walk to the town called Yanque or ask at the reception for the most  fantastic tour in the canyon: Watch the flight of the condors. Early in the morning it is possible to get in a 4×4 and drive to the Cruz del Condor to see the largest flying birds in the world. Some months of the year are more lucky than other to catch a glimpse of these amazing birds, though a good guide will always tell you where to wait for them.

Fresh Food and Spa Time

The vegetable gardens provide the restaurant with vegetables, herbs and fruits. Food is also very important at Las Casitas, it is possible to choose between the restaurant in the main building or the outdoor terrace to enjoy meals or a drink. The breakfast is a delicious buffet with homemade bread and local fruits, different types of eggs and cheeses are available for the guests. During the day it is possible to order a la carte or enjoy the menu prepared by the chefs. At dinner time there is a five-dish gourmet menu as well as a large wine menu. If you are interested in learning how to cook, there are also cooking classes.

The Samay Spa is in a beautiful building facing the terraced mountains  and a faraway waterfall, everything surrounded by eucalyptus and flowers. Samay means rest in the Quechua language, which the spa offers in plenty, with themed massages and treatments such as Herb Garden or the Andes.

It’s no wonder why Las Casitas del Colca has been recommended in places such as Harper Traveler Magazine, The Daily Mail, The Independent. Now it’s our turn to do the recommending!



Veronica Gruber