Salkantay, a spectacular trek


Want to take the adventurous route to one of the most popular touristic areas? Salkantay is every backpackers’ fantasy.If you choose to forgo the conventional routes and opt instead the alternative routes, Salkantay Trek is the one you should take for your upcoming trip to Machu Picchu. For five days you will walk under the magnificent mountain Salkantay, one of the highest and most stunning in the Peruvian Andes, giving you a unique experience for those who dare to spend an adventure to find the Apus (mountains).

In the Quechua language Salkantay means “Savage Mountain” and is a mountain of 6,271 meters above sea level; it is higher than any peak in North America.

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The tour begins near the village of Mollepata and finishes just below Machu Picchu in the village of Aguas Calientes. The trail passes through the glacier Humantay lagoon and several Andean communities.

Going up the Apacheta at 4,590 m., hikers can see three mountains: Salkantay, Humantay and Huayanay. After several hours, hikers can reach Rayan-Niyoc or Chaullay.

The Salkantay path is an alternative route to the traditional Inca Trail and is a cutting edge experience for adventure travelers looking for excitement and natural beauty. The best time to explore this route in Peru is from March to November.

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