Trujillo is Preparing for the Pope’s Visit


People are very hyped about the fact Pope Francis will visit different locations in Peru.

The enthusiasm is evident. Especially when talking to a cardinal or someone directly related to the church. A great example is Father Hipólito Purizaca Sernaqué, vice-coordinator of the papal visit to Trujillo who stated that this is the greatest religious event the city has hosted in its entire history.

That great event will take place on January 20 of 2018, but it will begin days before when the most representative images of the Catholic faith in the Northern Peru arrive in Trujillo.

President PPK has already announced that Pope Francis will be honored when he arrives in Peru.  Also, the country is preparing to receive many religious pilgrims from Bolivia and Brazil looking forward to seeing the arrival of The Pope.

Listing the preparation process for the visit, it is worth mentioning that, to date, the Metropolitan Archbishopric of Trujillo has confirmed that there will be 16 images that will arrive on pilgrimage from different regions, but the list is not yet closed.

The event will not only be special because of the number of images that will arrive in the said city but because thousands of people will meet with their spiritual leader along with them.

Are you looking to see the Pope?

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