Trump Administration Appreciates Peru’s Leadership on Venezuela ‘Crisis’

(Photo: Wikipedia Commons)

U.S. State Department Spokeswoman Katherine Caro transmits the Trump administration’s appreciation for the leadership role Peru has taken on Venezuela.

Andina reports that spokeswoman Katherine Caro expressed that the Trump administration acknowledges and appreciates Peru’s role in the Venezuela “crisis.”

Peru has indeed taken on a regional leadership role in the international conflict over Venezuela’s government under Nicolas Maduro.  Peru called 16 other chancellors to Lima to sign an official declaration against what they called an “anti-democratic” and fraudulent vote to rewrite Venezuela’s constitution.

Peru’s President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has also acknowledged the status of Venezuelan immigrants as refugees, granting thousands permission to stay in Peru during the crisis.

Finally, Peru expelled the Venezuelan ambassador, essentially cutting off relations between the 2 countries.

Spokeswoman Caro, in particular, acknowledged the aforementioned Declaration of Lima which underscored an international refusal to legitimize the Venezuelan president’s attempt to dissolve an opposition congress with a new assembly.

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