This is How a Tsunami Caused by an Earthquake would Effect Callao (VIDEO)

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Callao is one of the most vulnerable areas of the country. The construction of a shelter for at least 10,000 people is expected to be built.

A simulation of a tsunami caused by an earthquake in Callao (Video: Youtube)

In just two weeks, Mexico has endured two earthquakes with hundreds left dead and serious damage to public and private infrastructure. Like the American country, Peru is seismic. However, Lima and Callao have not been scenarios of an earthquake of great intensity for several decades.

One of the most vulnerable areas is the La Punta district, Callao, which would be flooded by a possible tsunami. An assessment at this location shows which sectors would be most affected. According to a study by the National University of Engineering (UNI), an earthquake of 8.5 degrees would cause a flood with waves of up to 10 meters high in this area of Callao.

Based on these conditions, the company Arvo Corporación created a 3D recreation of what would be the impact of a tsunami in La Punta, according to the topographic study carried out with high sensitivity drones, the same type of research that is carried out in other vulnerable cities to earthquakes.

The 3D simulation shows that in a possible tsunami with waves of 2 meters, the water would not cause as much damage. In the case of a tsunami with waves of 10 meters, several houses would be under water.

The earthquakes in Callao

Two earthquakes of 8.0 and 8.4 hit Lima between October 20 and 21, 1687. The second generated a tsunami with waves of 5 and 10 meters in Callao and an estimated 500 were left dead.

On the other hand, on May 24, 1940, a strong earthquake of 6.6 degrees, with an epicenter 120 kilometers northwest of Lima, left some 179 dead. The sea retreated about 150 meters and returned with waves of 3 meters.

This article has been translated into English and modified from the original article in El Comercio by Hope Ansanelli.

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