Two Argentinians Stayed Overnight in Machu Picchu and Were Expelled


The tourists entered the site at 3:00 am and went to sleep. They have been banned from the archeological place for a year.

Two Argentinians were expelled from Machu Picchu and placed at the disposal of the National Police in Peru (Policía Nacional del Perú), after having entered illegally this cultural place on Monday evening.

An official statement explained, according to Minuto Uno, that the tourists were identified as Santiago Bertoni (22) and Matías Pistone Franco (21), who were detected by security guards in the archaeological park.

The young men broke the wired fence located at the exit of Machu Picchu around 3:00 am and decided to go to sleep.

They entered through the vehicle bridge in Aguas Calientes, ascended through the Hiram Bingham road and entered Machu Picchu after breaking the fence located next to the road”, informed the archeological park’s chief, Fernando Astete.

It was on Tuesday morning, around 6:00 am that they were intervened by the security personnel in one of the chambers of the water fountain sector, where they had stayed overnight.

After being turned over to the local police, who are investigating the case since they caused damages to the fence and circumvent access controls, they were also reported to the Argentinian embassy in Peru and were banned from the site for a year, explained Minuto Uno.

Actions are already taking place to reinforce security in Machu Picchu.

(Cover Photo Colitur Cusco)

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