Two for One: Rouge and La Cafetera spur the Bonilla renaissance


There’s a renaissance in progress on Calle Manuel Bonilla in Miraflores. It’s a rebirth of taste and style, led by trendy bars, eateries, and cafes like Rouge Bar and La Cafetera Café.

I paid my first trip to Manuel Bonilla a few months ago when I visited the Art Deco Lounge, with its 1920s theme. I knew there was more to see on this the narrow road, one that is quickly becoming an entertainment hot spot in Miraflores.


Determined to find a new bar to haunt after work or on weekends, I came across Rouge Bar located at Bonilla 109. This bar has all of the components to make it a mainstay in Lima: good music, variety of drinks, and the right balance between bar and lounge.

The first thing one notices when one walks into Rouge is that the place is somewhat small. But sometimes smaller is better, and that can be said about this bar. The smaller setting makes this spot cozy and familiar. They have a Gothic design, which also lends that cozy feel.

One of Rouge’s strengths is that it knows what it is and what it’s not.

What it is: a place to listen to the best music of the 80s and 90s, while enjoying the drinks that Peru is known for, like Chilcano de Maracuya, Chilcano Tradicional, and the coveted “Pisco Sour”:, in a laidback atmosphere without pretentiousness.

Like many bars in Lima, they offer two-for-one Happy Hour deals on the most popular drinks.

What it’s not: a restaurant, dancehall, or nightclub.

That said, they do have a modest selection of appetizers and finger foods, like Carpaccio de Lomo available most nights after 6 p.m. And yes, there is live music throughout the week and there’s always a DJ spinning. But if you want a true restaurant or nightclub, you don’t have to go too far down Bonilla to find them.

To make up for what it lacks in the eatery department, Rouge works directly with its across the street neighbor, La Cafetera, to satisfy its customer’s palate.

When I visited Rouge, one of its owners actually took me across the street to check out La Cafetera. I was impressed by this twist in customer service and as result I was able to discover another worthy spot on Bonilla.

*La Cafetera*

La Cafetera opened back in 2012, and since then it has been cooking up breakfast, lunch, dinner, and more for its clientele. We aren’t the first ones to write about it nor to express our praise for this eatery. Not by a long shot.

In fact, La República newspaper went as far as to say that La Cafetera “was born to be a refuge for those souls and creative artists that are already a little tired of the same, and those want to leave Lima without having to travel.”

Just a quick look at their daily specials in the last few weeks beautifully exemplifies this astute review: spaghetti alla carbonara for the European crowd and “Lomo Saltado”: for the staunch Peruvian appetites.

Mix in some top notch coffee, a generous offering of local, and domestic “artisan beers”:, scrumptious sandwiches and burgers, vegetarian options, and wonderful desserts, and you’ll soon learn why I was so happy to take a stroll down Bonilla.

“Rouge Bar”: and “La Cafetera”: are definitely two admirable establishments to include on your next outing to Miraflores.