Two Israeli foreigners go missing in Apurimac River


A team of Israeli search and rescue members are heading towards Peru after two Israeli tourists have gone missing. They are expected to arrive Wednesday.

The two were involved in a rafting accident on the Apurimac River. On October 6, eight tourists, all of whom from Israel, were aboard a guided raft when it overturned in the powerful southern Peru river.

While six of the members aboard the boat, as well as the guide, are safely in Cuzco since having been rescued Tuesday. Peruvian police were able to locate them thanks to a “location signal received from a satellite device held by one of the tourists” (Israel National News).

As the search continues for the missing two the possibility that they have drowned is becoming increasingly likely.

Peru rescue teams have been dispatched as well, however Israel has sent their own in order to investigate and show support.

The Apurimac River, which feeds into the Amazon Rivera, is popular with tourists looking for adventure.

Two years ago, an Israeli woman fell victim to a rafting accident on the same river, near the city of Cuzco.
The recent rafting tragedy comes a week after a Spanish caver was rescued.