U.S Secretary of State Will Visit Peru


Chancellor Luna invited U.S Secretary of State to visit Peru and he accepted.

Rex Tillerson, current Secretary of State from the U.S is going to start his tour in Latin America in January next year and Peru is among his stops. This could be an excellent opportunity for Peru to consolidate its relationship with the American country.

However, Ricardo Luna stated that the main purpose of his visit to Latin American countries seems to be triggered by the current situation with Venezuela, taking into account the countries instability and the dictatorial attitude of its president, Nicolas Maduro.

The issue of the political and social crisis in Venezuela is present in all the conversations of the US Government with Latin American governments.  It is worth mentioning that a large number of Venezuelan have migrated to other Latin American countries looking for a better future in a stable economy that allows them to save money, a thing they cannot do currently in their home country.

This visit could beneficial for Peruvian market development as well, now that Peru is looking to increase their participation in the global market.

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