Ultraviolet radiation registers at 11 in Lima


Lima reached 11 on the UV radiation scale yesterday, reminding Peruvians of the powerful scorching equatorial sun that comes out in these summer months.

The average temperature yesterday recorded at 29.5 degrees Celsius and at a level of sun radiation of 11, arriving at the maximum level of radiation suggest by the World Health Organization.

Considered high by the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology (SENAMHI), representatives recommended citizens where glasses, wide-brimmed hats, sun-screen, light-colored clothing, and use umbrellas to prevent skin and eye damage.

Outside of Lima, regions of Arequipa, Junín, Moquegua, Cajamarca, Cusco and Piura were registered as reaching extreme levels of radiation between 12-15. In the past, Lima has made these levels and SENAMHI has called for citizens to avoid prolonged exposure and to protect against the sun’s rays.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that prolonged exposure to UV radiation can result in acute and chronic health effects on the skin, eye, and immune systems. A short-term, and acute effect includes the sunburn, while long-term effects produce degenerative changes in cells of the skin, fibrous tissue, and blood vessels (aging).

However, small amounts are beneficial as the sun facilitates the production of vitamin D in humans.
Lima is no stranger to high levels of UV radiation