UPC’s 2015 Protagonists of Change contest awards 10 winners


The Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) or Peruvian University of Applied Sciences awarded this year’s winners of the 5th annual Premio Protagonistas del Cambio UPC (Protagonists of Change).

About 300 people applied to receive the award that looks to support youth who are creating positive change through social projects in the country.

The 10 winners came from diverse regions of the country including Tacna, Cusco, Junin and Loreto.

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The winners included Dina Nina Zamata, Eliane Cohen, Crysthel Quisocala Vargas, Boris Gamarra, Douglas Juárez Vargas, Carmen Nina Tacca, Silvana Moz Mendoza, Emanoel Palacios, Akira Murohashi Estrada and finally Jean Pierre Manchego Baca.

Each of these participants share one major aspect in common: they are contributing to the development of Peru through projects with high social impact. For example, Akira Murohashi Estrada, who presented the KANI project works with women entrepreneurs and artisans of Ayacucho, Lambayeque, and the district of Pachacamac.

Another project includes that of Jean Pierre Manchego Bacca called “ONG Productores para el Desarrollo Sostenible – PRODESO” or NGO for Development of Sustainable Producers. His project aims to empower farmers in extreme poverty in neglected rural areas such as Oxapampa and Chanchamayo.

Visit “their page”:http://premioprotagonistasdelcambio.upc.edu.pe/index.html for more information

Watch the video below to learn more about the contest

_Premio Protagonistas del Cambio UPC: Crea+ , ganador 2014_



Hillary Ojeda

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