Update: three quakes shake Lima, Peru


Two earthquakes shook the Peruvian capital on Tuesday morning.

A 3.9-magnitude earthquake shook the city at 2:48 am, according to Peru’s Geographical Institute (IGP).

The earthquake’s epicenter took place 58 kilometers south of Lima, with a depth of 52 kilometers.

The IGP said a second 3.9-magnitude gently shook Lima at 8.35 am. 

The earthquake’s epicenter was located 60 kilometers south of Lima, and had a depth of 56 kilometers, RPP reported.

Update: A third earthquake shook the Peruvian capital at 2:44 pm.

The earthquake had a magnitude of 4.3 on the Richter scale, and its epicenter was located 57 kilometers south east of Lima, at a depth of 55 kiometers.

Two 3.9M-earthquakes shook the Peruvian capital on Tuesday morning.