US tourist gives birth to healthy baby in Cusco, Peru


Though tragic, it’s not unusual to hear of a tourist who died while traveling in the Cusco region. But now, a birth in Cusco is making headlines: Phoutmany Vonssarath, American tourist, gave birth to a healthy baby girl at a Cusco hotel.

According to Andina news agency, Vonssarath gave birth at 4:00 am in the Incas Hotel on Calle San Agustin. She was helped by hotel staff and accompanied by her partner, Brian James Foley, 27.

Andina reports that officers from Cusco’s special tourism police unit then arrived at the hotel. As Vonssarath continued to bleed after giving birth, Andina writes, she was taken to the Peruano-Suiza Clinic in Cusco. Her infant daughter was taken with her.

The couple came to Cusco for the purpose of visiting Machu Picchu; Andina reports that the visit to the Inca citadel may have created health complications for the soon-to-be mom and caused an early birth.

The baby weighed 3.6 kilograms at the time of birth. The Peruano-Suiza Clinic told Andina that Vonssarath and her daughter are both in good health at this time. 26-year-old American citizen Phoutmany Vonssarath gave birth to a healthy baby daughter in a Cusco hotel early this morning.



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