US visa waiver for Peruvians could take up to six years


The United States’ decision to allow Peru’s inclusion into its visa waiver program (WMP) for short-term visits -up to 90 days- is expected to take between three years to six years, the National Chamber of Tourism’s (Canatur) has reported.

Canatur’s President, Jorge Jochamowitz, noted the Peruvian government is currently working in obtaining biometric passports to improve migration controls for meeting visa-free requirements to Schengen area countries, following the country’s inclusion on its visa-free list.

This fact is added to the recently-announcement made by U.S. President Barack Obama which urges senior authorities of his administration to facilitate visitors flow to his country.

“Obama has ordered his secretaries of Homeland Security and Commerce to speed up tourist inflow process to the North American nation,” Jochamowitz said in statements to Andina news agency.

He continued, “The said mechanism will be key to the United States’ process to foster its economic recovery”.

Furthermore, Canatur’s head stressed U.S. consular offices have established rules which are needed to be complied when assessing a country’s request to be included into the U.S. VWP.

The program’s most important criteria, Jochamowitz said, is do not have a refusal rate for visas for citizens of the country in question of less than three percent.

The lifting of the visa requirement applies to short-term visits (up to 90 days).Canatur head says process could take anywhere between three and six years.