Veggie Peru: Peru this Week’s new food blog


Peru’s food. Well, we could wax lyrical all day and all night about how delicious, varied, and innovative it is. Peru hosts Latin America’s biggest gastronomy festival, Mistura with chefs and culinary students coming from all over the world to get inspiration and learn new techniques… Two of its restaurants are in the world’s Top 20 (no prizes for guessing which two)… Peruvian recipe books, showing people how to make traditional dishes at home are popular buys ( Gastón’s got one in English coming out!)… Javier Wong, a man who cooks and serves sole ceviche in the front of his house, just had his ceviche named Tastiest Item on Earth at the Guardian’s Chowzter awards…

The list of Peru’s foodie achievements just goes on. The massive amount of geographical and climatic variation across the country, and the many different cultural heritages feeding in (see what I did there?) to the national repertoire means that there’s something for everyone.

Apart from the fact that there’s not. If you’re a vegetarian, eating out is difficult in Peru, as it’s hard to find a dish that’s not got some meat in it. In Lima and some of the other big cities there are several options to suit different budgets and tastes (the best of which will be featuring in future articles). But, outside of the big cities it can be hard to find food that never had a face. And it’s nigh impossible if you’re a vegan.

I’m a meat agnostic and am still on the fence, but it’s clear that veggies don’t get enough love in Peru. Peru this Week wants to change that and is proud to introduce our new Veggie Peru blog, bringing you news, tips, recipes, and reviews on the first and third Friday of every month. Tune in (or whatever it is people do on the internet. Log on?) next week for Peru this Week’s first Veggie Peru piece. Better yet, if you’re a *subscriber to Peru this Week’s daily newsletter* you can get all this direct to your inbox!

Also, *calling all vegetarians and vegans out there*. We’d love to hear from you. Your tips, recipes, suggestions, and reviews will all be very greatly appreciated! Email us at editor@peruthisweek.com (Subject: Veggie Peru) with your ideas!Peru this Week is proud to announce its new food blog, Veggie Peru, coming to a computer screen near you next Friday!