Veggie Peru: We’re back!


Hello vegetarians vegans, and curious meat-eaters. Veggie Peru is back after a Mistura-inspired hiatus.

This year Apega incorporated a new vegetarian line into Mistura Latin America’s biggest food festival, which takes place every year in Lima, Peru. Peru this Week went along to see how it was, and we were pretty disappointed by what we found.

There _was_ a vegetarian line, as in there were vegetarian dishes available at the mainly meaty festival, but the dishes were spread all over the massive fair, with no indication as to what was where, and what was there was pretty basic, mainly consisting of soya burgers, cheesy pizzas, and roast vegetables. If you get excited by food or wanted to try traditional Peruvian food but don’t eat meat, you would have been a little disheartened by the selection.

I’m not a vegetarian, but even I can see how important it is that veggies are represented in a festival that’s all about food. You guys enjoy food as much as we omnivores do and you should be able to celebrate it with a big, fat food festival.

One of the best things about being in Peru, I’m sure most of you will agree, is all the different dishes they have here. Peru is (finally) famous for its huge variety of dishes, cooking styles, and ingredients. Even though nearly all Peruvian food includes meat in some capacity, these delicious dishes can be enjoyed by non-meat eaters too, with just a few small adaptions.

Peru this Week reader, Krista O’Connell, sent in some suggestions of typical Peruvian dishes with a twist. Today and over the next few weeks we’ll be bringing you some meatless typical dishes with recipes.

This week we’re going to start with a Tofu Saltado.

“Tofu saltado: Delicious and exactly like lomo saltado but with tofu instead. I just followed the recipes for lomo saltado but used fried tofu instead of meat. I recently went to a Peruvian restaurant in NYC which luckily serves this dish too,” Krista told Peru this Week.

Get the recipe, based on the traditional Lomo Saltado from Yanuq here

*Calling all vegetarian and vegan writers!*
Obviously, it’s pretty ironic for a meat eater to be writing a vegetarian blog. We’d love to share tips and reviews about being veggie in Peru from people in the know. Do you have an idea for a way to veggie-fy a Peruvian dish? Have you been to a vegetarian restaurant that was particularly good (or bad)? How and why did you become a vegetarian or vegan? If you’re interested in sharing your experiences or expertise with the Peru this Week readers, we’d love to hear from you. *If you’re interested in writing for our Veggie Peru blog, please write to us at editor@peruthisweek.com.*Over the next few months, Veggie Peru will be bringing you traditional Peruvian dishes with a vegetarian twist.