Via Expresa maintenance begins tomorrow


Maintenance work for the Via Expresa will begin tomorrow, Saturday, April 25, and finish in 10 days, reports El Comercio.

The Municipality of Lima is working on guardrails, handrails, runways, berms, and expresses starting tomorrow in the night and early morning.

The maintenance will primarily focus on the Paseo de la República section of the Via Expresa and will take place between the hours of 11:30 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. as to not affect traffic and rush hours.

The maintenance of the runway, guardrails, among others, will be executed in four separate installments and will avoid interrupting the traffic where over 50,000 vehicles circulate daily. The sections are as follows: The first, Armendáriz (Barranco) to Angamos; the second Angamos to Javier Prado; the third Javier Prado to Puente Iquitos; and finally, from Iquitos to Plaza Puente Grau.

The Municipality of Lima is conducting these projects to improve vehicular traffic, pedestrian bridges, and facades of the Metropolitano stations. The Municipality of Lima will begin work starting tomorrow for 10 days.



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