Luciano Mazzetti: “No tours, no schedule”


Nothing compares with fresh new flavors. Just give them a try.

Luciano Mazzetti loves traveling. And eating, and cooking…One half of the Magdalena craft beer company, Luciano has become the new face of the Peruvian gastronomic boom. He himself is also a cook, but in this new web-series, Viaja y Prueba (Travel & Taste), he has left behind the shiny kitchen of the TV studio, and opted for an open fire in the middle of nowhere.

What will be the next bite? No one knows, not even the producer and creator of the series, Rodolfo Quiroz. The only thing they know for sure is that there is still a lot of food they have never tried and places they haven’t yet visited. And that is the best reason to keep traveling.

_What has been the most significant experience from your travels so far?_

I think driving around Peru can be considered one of the most intense experiences in my life _(laughs)_.

What I like most is that, because we don’t have bosses –besides ourselves–, we also don’t [follow a]script. We can actually do what we want. If we want to stop, or take an unknown road, we can do it.

On our way to Tarma, we decided to leave the route and visit a little town, Wichay, one of those towns that seem to be forgotten by civilization, in the middle of nowhere. Well, it so happened that we arrived in the middle of a party. No one knew us, but suddenly, someone grabbed my hand and said: come with me. [These are] people that don’t have much –in fact, they have just a little or almost nothing–, but they can’t let you leave without eating. They even lent us a room so we could stay the night. Those kind of things only happen here in Peru.

_Viaja y Prueba visits Iquitos._

_What’s next for Viaja y Prueba?_

What I like about this program, and working with La Gorda Films [the producer], is that we expect to keep traveling for a long time. This is not going to end after ten trips. What we want is to sweep the whole country.

_What other projects are you working on?_

I’m filming two series for Lonely Planet…One is about going to the origin of certain products and recipes. I’ve just been in a favela in Rio [de Janerio]where this guy makes an extraordinary feijoada. Really, one of the best things I’ve ever tried. The program also includes something of tourism, so I did delta wing, we went to an organic orchard…

What I like about these programs is that you get to know places you would never visit if you were a normal tourist. That’s what we want to promote with Viaja y Prueba (Travel & Try can be another way to translate its name), to encourage people to try something different and leave their comfort zone.

_What are Luciano’s top 3 gastronomic destinations in Peru?_ _Download the July issue of An Extra Shot_ _for the complete interview._

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